Comparing MindsDB with

Could anyone compare MindsDB with

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Hello @Greg. This is the first time I am hearing about Dmway. Currently, we don’t have any benchmarks with it, but it could be awesome if you can contribute by doing that.

Hi Zoran,

DMway generates SQL and/or Java, It bolts on top of the SQL Server database. You point it at columns that interest you to generate predictions. It is very simple to work with. I was wondering if there is someone who perhaps worked with both, as I only just discovered MindsDB…

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Interesting. Is Dmway an open-source project? I just checked the website but there are no code examples or documentation.

100% commercial
but extremely easy to use!
by far the easiest I have ever experienced

Sounds good, but how can you try something that doesn’t have a usage example? Do I need to fill out the forms so I can get an example or?

SQL. I used SQL instead of Java, as per above usage example
[](http://usage example )