Connect to locally on mindsb scout

MindsDB Service Desk
i want to connect, but keep getting message : ‘env\Scripts\pip.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file. (see screenshot),i am on windows 10 and have installed python via anaconda : ,(machine) C:\Users\jsvin>conda config --show,add_anaconda_token: True,add_pip_as_python_dependency: True,aggressive_update_packages:,(machine) C:\Users\jsvin>conda config --describe

Currently, the Scout installers are deprecated since we have moved the Scout as an web interface. That said, by installing/starting mindsdb you will get Scout automatically started on your web browser. This will make the whole installation process easier for users. How can you do that is by running:

pip install mindsdb
python -m mindsdb

And the Scout will be started automatically on your web browser on http://localhost:47334/static/index.html .
If you are on Windows, we have easy installers that can be downloaded from