Hi - There is somewhere a tutorial o installation guide to connect to SQL SERVER in AZURE platform with Mindsdb ?

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Hello @FredericMounier. Please check out the Microsoft SQL Server - MindsDB Documentation. This section describes how you can connect to your mssql server. For the MindsDB installation part, you can check the https://docs.mindsdb.com/ installation options. If you have additional questions, we are here to help you.

Hello, @FredericMounier !
I would like to add additional information to Zoran’s answer.
If you need to integrate with SQL Azure (as a managed PaaS service from Microsoft), then it would not be possible, unfortunately. The MindsDB integration is using a Microsoft ODBC driver that allows SQL Server itself to speak to external databases. And it is disabled by Microsoft in SQL Azure.
BUT, you can install SQL Server inside Azure virtual machine (Windows only) and enable the required ODBC driver there. Of course, it is not the same as SQL Azure, but this is currently the only way how it would work on Azure.
We will keep asking Microsoft to enable ODBC driver in SQL Azure, and if they will make it, we will update the docs.

Hi Costa

I don’t know if you are the right person to answer me. Ok I did it - I tried the local windows - which driver I can use / ODBC for sql, SQL NATIVE CLIENT ?
In the GUI interface to add the database the system ask a localhost and database + authentification - this not a dsn file or name ? So it’s not working.


I don’t see in the doc how you link the odbc (dsn name) to the data connector when you clic add sql database the system is asking the ip , port, credentials which are parameters already in the ODBC dsn .???

@FredericMounier Please, check that your mssql instance has MSDASQL installed. In most cases, this is enabled by default. The second step is to run ‘ODBC Data Source Administrator’ tool, Go to ‘drivers, and check if MySQL driver exists. If you don’t have it, you can download it from MySQL :: Download Connector/ODBC .
Then in the MindsDB GUI, you will add the public IP to the host name and the mssql user/pass credentials.

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It’s so wired - mysql driver for MICROSOFT SQL — it seems that I will can use directly the Mysql database (locally) … more simple - less time consuming to make this work.
if I use the mysql to run the model I can migrate the prevision table to the sql AZURE data base and use them with queries … It makes sense ?
About the mongoDb beta :
Can you tell me if the mindsdb for mongo can work with AZURE COSMOS DB with mongoAPI ?
Do you think that I can use the connection url string to connect mindsdb to CosmosDb … (replicaset)

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@FredericMounier That is required so MindsDB can communicate with Microsoft SQL server through MySQL wire protocol. You can use MindsDB to connect to both MySQL database and Microsoft SQL and query the models from both databases even the models are trained from one, but again the prerequisite as drivers must be set up.
The current MindsDB version works with MongoDB Atlas cloud (tested from our site). Feel free to try it with COSMOS using the connection string and please, share the info if that worked for you.