Timeseries ValueError: could not convert string to float

I am getting a ValueError: could not convert string to float: ‘0 1593216000.0’

–Dataset in csv–
date, close

Heres my code:

from mindsdb_native import Predictor
mdb = Predictor(name=‘timeseries_crypto_predictor’)

from_data= fileName,
window_size= 2

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Thanks for reporting this one @eskibla. I was able to reproduce the error and the team will provide a fix in the next release.

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Hello again @eskibla. The above issue should be fixed so, please try and upgrade to the latest MindsDB 2.8.3 version.

@eskibla Did the latest fix in MindsDB 2.8.3 version worked for you?

@Zoran Apologies for the late response. The error has been fixed with the MindsDB 2.8.3 version. Thank you for your help and support.

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Awesome. Thanks for the feedback @eskibla :raised_hands:

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